The Genetic Origins of the Greeks

The Genetic Origins of the Greeks

The Genetic Origins of the Greeks

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Τhe origin and evolution of mankind are highly attractive fields of study for many scientists such as anthropologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, theologians and geneticists. The subject has also long fascinated the general public. For millennia ever since human beings could reason, they have attempted to answer frequently repeated questions, such as: What is my biological origin? Where do humans come from? Who are my ancestors?

Modern genetics can partially answer these fundamental questions because of recent DNA investigations on anatomically modern humans. These investigations provide valuable evidence on the historic and prehistoric past of mankind. This evidence is as reliable as archaeological and paleontological findings because DNA is inherited, essentially unchanged, from our ancestors to contemporary human populations. Therefore, this book seeks to combine history, archaeology, linguistics, anthropology, paleontology, and even mythology, with the modern branch of molecular genetics to support or challenge theories about the genetic origins of Greeks.

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